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sphinx BOUND! by metalzaki
Maybe it was because I was brought up in a Catholic household, but I really like the idea of fetishizing certain aspects of clothing worn by nuns. There's a lot to like about this pic: There's some nice details both on Sphinx and in the background, for me, the multiple purple colors are vibrant, and I just like the overall setup of the scenario.

:Birthday Pups!: by Lorddragonmaster
This person has at least 60 pages full of content. And that's not even including scraps or stuff not shown on DA. It's just impossible for me to choose a favorite pic from LDM. So what do I choose? I love the very idea of clockwork dolls. I love petplay. I love all of the TG/TF/CD stuff. But I'm just in a clockwork puppy mood for the time being, so screw it: adorable clockwork Jon and Argrim pups! For those not aware and think that this is some form of body mutilation or amputation is involved, it isn't and you really should take the time to look through a person's body of work before drawing a fairly baseless conclusion such as that. Clockwork Doll - Sketch by Lorddragonmaster

All Hail Princess Bunni! by raelbunny
OMFG! This bunny boi is so deliciously sweet I wish he was made of chocolate so I could literally eat him up! Definitely one of my main (if not, then one of my first) influences in exploring crossdressing and role playing. I love this bunny so much!

The Succubus' Sub, Session One: The Offer by JohnDylena
Honestly, if you're following me for what can laughably be considered my body of work in recent years and the shift of focus from drawing more girls to drawing more guys, you better be following this guy as well. I won't spoil anything for people who have never read it, but this is the Succubus' Sub series and it introduces a very entertaining series of events ranging from submission, crossdressing, chastity, bondage, and whole lot more! Support this guy if you like his short stories.

LifeformsHe looked through the microscopes eyepiece, carefully examining the miniature creatures. Smiling, he leant back in his chair. Everything was going perfectly.  He picked up the clipboard from his desk and scribbled down a few notes. He returned the clipboard to the desk and headed off for lunch.
After a brief lunch, he returned to his desk. Upon examining  the sample, he was startled to see that a new creature had formed. Grabbing his clipboard, he hastily flipped over to a blank page and wrote down a name for the new creatures. He carefully watched and examined them, all the while making detailed notes about everything they did. It saddened him to see that this new creature was also carnivorous but it could not be helped. He was not allowed to interfere as it would invalidate the results. So he just watched, documented and waited.
The new creatures prospered, diversified and began to form groups, which worried him slightly.  He was curious though as to why

Interesting short story. Reminds me of the Twilight Zone, Carnival of Souls and Outer Limits stories.

Aki in Fetishland: Unfriendly Trees by AkiLordless
I love backside shots, I love crossdressing, and I love the implications of what is happening here (so much so, that I'm getting my own ideas of some rather grope-y plants and the followup pic of this involving plant vore, which I never considered to be something I'd like). Poor Aki...poor...lucky...Aki... note me if you want to do a trade or a collab! This Alice in Wonderland concept is too cute!

Alice's PunishmentPlease read description first
Alice sat nervously in the back of the car, a nauseating pit forming in her stomach. What the hell had she gotten herself into? Even now, she couldn’t believe she was going through with this.
She could remember how it happened. She stood in front of the judge, having been brought in after a series of minor offenses. Littering, public intoxication, fighting, a few petty thefts… Nothing really major, but it built up to a lot. Thankfully, thanks to her looks, she had managed to avoid many of the accusations. In a way, it angered her. She didn’t mind being attractive, but… she was really more cute then anything. Between large, innocent eyes, bright blond hair, a roundish face, and a short stature, it was hard to get people to take her seriously. Her street style clothes and rough attitude compensated somewhat. But when she was in the court, looking at the judge with the most pleading pout she could make, her looks helped.
So, instead

Gonna admit this straight up: Not really a fan ABDL. But reading through this (currently) 5 part series was really entertaining all the same. Disclaimer though: if smelly diapers ain't your jam, you're probably not going to enjoy it as much. Didn't bother me, but I know it bothers some.

A Payment through RubberThe world suddenly came into view as the bag covering Caitlyn’s head was removed, but it was wrong. It was all skewed and faded around her. She tried moving around, getting a feeling of her surroundings but the only thing she could do was simply feel the cold steel of the conveyer belt under her bare body, the tears caked on her tanned cheeks and the cold unforgiving metal of the collar around her slim neck that was flashing periodically to a rhythm.
Caitlyn’s breathing quickened as she began to remember through the haze what had happened. She had been sitting at home with her boyfriend, Lucas, just enjoying his company. It was much like any other night, but there was a knock upon the door. Lucas’ face had turned grim as he stood to answer the door with Caitlyn standing behind him more so curious than anything. Then when the door cracked open it was slammed the rest of the way giving entrance to a group of men in black rubbery suits and gasmasks, protecting a woman ta

Is it weird that I liked the process of a person losing all sense of self and being turned into an object to be owned? Because I really liked the explaination of the process in this short story.

Birthday Kiss by MysticDreamerZero
I just thought this was a really cute, sweet predicament. :meow:

Argrim in Bondage (Censor Edition) by L0rd-Black
I hate having to choose from just one of these pics. I love all of his works, but this one just has so many things going on in it that I love: the trainer ball gag, the reverse prayer armbinding, the inflatable butt plug, the posture collar, the shackled movement restricting legs, being lead around by the genetalia, and most importantly, that look on his face. So much love and repsect for this guy :heart::heart::heart:

B.I.N.D - T.O.Y Unit by hollowmask
Okay, yes, this is technically 11 featured artists instead of 10, but to be fair, I didn't think I was going to get 5 people interested in this. I love hollowmask's character "The Maid," but I like the concepts that came out of this pic and expanded the world a little more. I'd love to see more ideas like this one.

And that's it. To those who were featured, I ask that you adhere to the stipulation of the first journal and please offer to feature 10 other artists on your own individual pages.
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