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Bondagette Round 2: What's Meg wearing? 

25 deviants said Latex Catsuit
15 deviants said Maid Outfit
5 deviants said Nurse Outfit
4 deviants said Lingerie
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Well that was certainly a more bearable season than Book 2. There was a noticeable shift in focus on Korra as a character and I found that to be a good thing. I never found Korra to be a deep or complex character and what little character they tried giving her were never really explored to their fullest potential. So in this season we got more character moments from the secondary cast and that was such a refreshing change from Korra's nonsense from the previous seasons.

First off: president Raiko is such a huge asshat in this season for no reason apart from his popularity is down since the spirits started reclaiming parts of Republic City. He always came off as one of the more intelligent level-headed characters in the series to me at least. Not only that but Korra has bailed his ass out for 2 books now so you'd think he'd cut her some slack instead of kicking her out of Republic City.

Then there's the Red Lotus, or team anti-Avatar. This was an interesting concept that I think went as well as you could hope for given the circumstances. It's really frustrating though that people don't use common sense and LIGHTNING BEND THE WATER BENDER WOMAN UNTIL THE LAST FIGHT IN THE SEASON! Seriously, the last time I remembered Mako lightning bend was in season 1 as a factory worker, and he's squared off against this woman all throughout the last half of this season.

I am glad that they finally showed an air bender sucking the air out of a person to kill them. I've been saying that was possible since Last Air Bender, but obviously because Aang was a pacifist, he'd never attempt it.

All in all, this was way more explicit and gruesome with their deaths in this season. Combustion Girl got her head blown up, Earth Queen had the air sucked out of her lungs, Tenzin was beaten nearly to death, and Korra was poisoned to the verge of death.

Spirits were sprinkled throughout the episodes which was nice. They weren't obtrusive or annoying, but their presence was made known which was nice.

Where will they go from here?

I think Korra lost her Avatar spirit. I think she was dead long enough in the Avatar state that she doesn't have the Avatar powers or abilities anymore. I'm probably wrong, but it'd be nice to have a season that focuses on Korra coping with her identity and sense of self now that she doesn't have anything that she identifies making herself special.

Who am I kidding? She'll most likely still have her powers next season and it'll all be about how Korra got her groove back or some such nonsense.

Better than season 2 but I can't get behind the logic of the Red Lotus and their "Order through chaos" gambit.
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